Workshops for Cooperation with TeamUp Lite

As a trainer, you naturally want to give the best cooperation workshops. Good tools can really make a difference with that. With the right tools, you can simulate real cooperation. Serious games offer a great solution for this.

Serious games make sure that players are immediately immersed into the game. They then quickly let go of the formality of a workshop and respond to situations in a natural manner. That makes it much easier for you as a trainer to see how someone really is in a group. That way, you can also directly give better feedback to them and make a good link to their job.

TeamUp Lite is a serious game that is especially designed to train people to work together. Participants go through several challenges that each accentuate the various aspects of cooperation. Therefore, you get a good grip of your participants and are able to train them better. It is also completely online, so it is perfect for applying it in your workshops even now. If you want to try out TeamUp Lite, let us know!