Training Soft Skills

You hear it often: working together well with colleagues is the basis for good results. But what does this mean exactly? Is a team building activity every so often the right way to achieve good cooperation? While good teambuilding does help, it does not stop there.

Aside from that you need to know a bit about each other and that you need to know what others are good at, a large part is also in so-called “soft skills”. These are skills that are tightly linked to your work ethics and personality. Examples include being able to communicate well what you think and do, being able to divide and coordinate tasks and responsibilities, and being able to think of creative solutions.

These examples might sound like personal attributes that you may or may not have, but you can definitely train them! Without your noticing, you continuously practise your soft skills during your studies and career. That is one of the reasons why experience is so highly valued.

You can also train soft skills actively with effective workshops, like TeamUp. During a TeamUp workshop, you employ various soft skills to get through a number of challenges together with your colleagues. The way in which you approach this is the starting point for the rest of the workshop that is facilitated by an experienced teamwork professional. Workshops like this go beyond a team building activity and let you improve your soft skills in a meaningful and lasting way. An improved cooperation between you and your colleagues is the result!