Beursplein in Eventrum met stands voor basisscholen.

Study Choice Guidance with Hybrid Open Houses

Educational institutes handle this every year: a new load of students must make their choice of study. It is a difficult choice that can determine for a large part the course of their career. Therefore, having all relevant information is essential for a well-weighted decision. Both for students that live nearby and students from for away.

Schools and universities already have a good supply of information for students from the region. Brochures, student-for-a-day programmes, websites, tours, student meetups, study fairs, open houses. They make the choice easier. But what about students that live far away?

It costs quite a bit of time to travel half the country to see whether a study fits your interests. Why would someone from Assen go to an information session in Delft if the same study is available in Groningen?

Also, international students usually do not have the opportunity to visit an open house. They must make their study choice from a distance.

Reaching these students from afar is a lot more challenging, but it is definitely possible. And, if you do it right, you will increase the reach of your educational institute and ensure that more students will be happy with their choice. For instance, host your open house and student-for-a-day programmes in hybrid form. That way, students from nearby can still visit, while students that live far away enjoy a digital programme that gives a perfect sense of the study.

When you do something like this, the platform that you use must stimulate the students in just the right way. An animated image with a few videos or livestreams is not enough. You want to encourage interaction and have the students truly experience what happens at that study. The community feeling also is a big part of the experience.

Take a look at Eventrum, our platform for online and hybrid events. Here, all visitors walk through an inspiring virtual environment, and they can talk with each other while exploring the various studies. Groups of friends can even visit together, like they would do in real life. Eventrum gives many options to make any online or hybrid open house a great success, both for the school and for the student.