Serious Games in Times of Covid-19

We are always excited to see innovative implementations of serious games. Also in the fight against Covid-19, serious games are deployed in various ways. We have gathered a few examples for you here.

To make the spread of Covid-19 in interior spaces insightful, the Delft University of Technology, Wageningen University, and Erasmus MC built the Samen Slim Open (Open Smartly Together) serious game. This simulation tool shows you to immediately see how the virus moves around, for example, in a restaurant or pub. In addition, you can also see what the impact is of certain measures.

The game CareUp allows nurses to practise giving vaccinations. In the game, players get feedback on how well they administer the injection. By playing often, they improve their skills. That way, they will be entirely ready to protect us against Covid-19 with every vaccination.

In Belgium, citizens are given a virtual tour at their local vaccination centre with a game developed by Greygin. In the game, you can see the centre from the inside and each step is explained to your clearly. Consequently, you know exactly what to expect when you go get your vaccination. This way, the game takes away the feeling of uncertainty some people are struggling with about vaccinations.

Incredibly interesting, we’d say!