New Teams with a flying start

When you join a new team, you obviously would want to quickly start collaborating pleasantly. But, there are several obstacles in your way. It could take some getting used to working with the new team. Maybe you do not know all the people yet or you have not worked with them before. And if the team is international, there can also be cultural differences.

You can do something about these obstacles, though, to get off to a flying start and as a team be flexible and effective right from the beginning. For instance, a cooperative game is a wonderful solution. In such a game, everyone has a shared goal. That way, you are stimulated to discuss and make choices together. Just like you would do in the team.

If the game is also relevant for the collaboration and if it involves everyone in the right way, you can get even more out of it. Then, team members are truly “sucked” into the game and you will be much more comfortable just being yourself. This is not just nice for you, but it also quickly becomes clear to the others who you are and what you can do. After playing, you can therefore align tasks quickly and start working together.