Making Complex Systems Open for Discussion

Often, many stakeholders are involved with complex logistics challenges. Because each stakeholder has their own interests, it can be difficult to get to an efficient proces. Even if an outcome is more beneficial for everyone, people sometimes choose a different solution. This is often because of a lack of transparency.

Although transparency provides an important exchange of information, it is not always possible to share everything with everyone. In this case, it is useful to discuss the process in a simplified or abstract form.

With a serious game, you can do this in a short session. Because you tailor the game to what your goals with the stakeholders, you can approach the same subject in a friendly and accessible way. You discuss the same matters, but in relation to a fictitious situation instead of the real-life interests of the stakeholder. This way, everyone talks much more openly with each other. With the insights that emerge from the game, you can take a step forward in the real situation.