Involving Sponsors in Eventrum

With digital events, it is still a good idea to involve sponsors. This is not just useful for the organisers, since they would be able to cover some of their costs this way, but there are plenty of advantages for the sponsor as well.

The reach of online events is often much larger than that of physical events. This means that many more people will be exposed to the sponsor’s brand or messages. In Eventrum, it is even possible to involve the sponsor into the experience of the event. Of course, this is possible by simply showing off their logo, but there are many more innovative options.

For instance, you can directly integrate the sponsor and their brand into existing or new activities. These might be collectible points shaped like products. Maybe, the sponsor might even want an interactive exposition, or an inspiring demonstration of their services. There are many possibilities to create value for sponsors and that offers options for the organisation.

If you want to know more about how sponsors can become a part of an online event, then do not hesitate to contact us.