Internal Knowledge Sharing with Eventrum

Companies often run into it that employees have a lot of knowledge. That is not much of a problem in itself, since this is what makes them valuable. What would be great, however, is if this knowledge would be shared with others. That way, the information becomes broadly available and usable.

Spreading knowledge is a difficult task. Knowledge management systems can offer a helping hand and companies often also use other tools for this. Events are a good example.

During events, the focus is to build a network of new contacts and to dive further into existing contacts. That way, you learn more about each other and you will know where to find the knowledge that you seek. Also, it is easier to approach someone that you have talked to before.

The event itself can also contribute to the knowledge sharing. With interactive workshops, inspirational speakers, and informal gatherings, you stimulate people to actively spread their knowledge and also to learn more themselves.

With Eventrum, you easily and quickly set up online and hybrid events for knowledge sharing. Ask us for more information or explore our online and live demonstration.