Hybrid Events with Eventrum

Some events can partially again go ahead, but this is not enough for many goals. The more participants, the greater the value for everyone: visitors, participating companies, sponsors, and the organisation. To uphold this value for your events in the time ahead, a great solution is hybrid events.

In a hybrid event, a part of the event can be visited physically, while a digital event runs parallel to it. You can let the online visitors participate in the physical activities by making smart use of technology. And with the right online platform, you can make the experience for the digital visitor unforgettable and equally valuable as for a physical visitor.

When you are considering a digital platform, think about how the platform manages the amount of people you expect to show up online. It is also a good idea to consider how they are involved with the live event, but also what digital activities there are. Aside from this, the way in which the organisation and participating companies can manage their event space is also important.

Want to know more about hybrid events and how Eventrum can support you? Do not hesitate to ask us!