How The Barn develops games

At The Barn, we develop serious games: games with a goal. But just how do we do that? We would love to tell you about our development process.

Often, a customer comes to us with a question; they ran into a problem. Maybe a business process does not perform well. Or they want to use a new product and employees need to be trained in its usage. Perhaps a tool is needed to help students work on their soft skills. With serious games, we can solve these and other matters effectively and efficiently in a fun way.

As you can see, there are many different applications for serious games. This also means that our customers have a great variety of goals. Therefore, before we start developing, we first want to properly understand what the goal involves. That way, we can ensure that our products always fit well. Maybe a solution already exists, which saves the effort and investment of developing a new application from scratch. To thoroughly understand the situation, we listen and observe attentively and ask questions when something is unclear.

We always work iteratively. That means that we work in close cooperation with our customer and meet with them every few weeks. During that meeting, we determine what the next steps are. We also test our work regularly and intermittently so that we and our customers always know that it is right and works.

When the serious game is done, we also gladly support our customer implementing it in such a way that it achieves its goal best. We get a lot of energy from that.

Want to know more about serious games and how they can make a difference in your organisation? Let us know!