Expanding Networks Digitally with Eventrum

What makes a corporate event so useful is not just the knowledge that you gain, but also the new people that you meet. A chance encounter could lead to a wonderful partnership! Therefore, it must be made as easy as possible for visitors to start a conversation with each other. A pleasant atmosphere is essential.

This also holds true when you organise a digital event. With the larger reach of an online event, the chances are that more (and more different) visitors will attend. The value of new contacts is therefore very high. As such, you must think carefully about how to facilitate networking in digital events.

In Eventrum, our platform for online events, we make use of game techniques to achieve this. For instance, visitors virtually walk around in a digital event space. Here, they meet other visitors and have a conversation with each other. With the friendly appearance of Eventrum, you experience the fun and usefulness of an event, online.