Eventrum Update

Find your chats easily, know immediately what you can do at a fair stand, and wave at someone you know when they pass by unexpectedly. With today’s update, this is all possible in Eventrum and more! Discover all about the latest Eventrum update and read on.

In the chat system, you can now more easily see when you last spoke with someone. Not only can you from now on see when a message has been sent, but your conversations are now listed based on when you last had contact. This way, you always find the right conversation quickly.

When clicking on a webinar, stall, or other visitor, a menu will now pop up right where you clicked. There is also more space for text and explanations. This new interaction feels very natural and makes Eventrum even more accessible.

Do you see someone you know? Wave them over! From now on, you can wave at each other in Eventrum. It works quite simply. If you click on someone, the wave-button shows up and you can greet each other.

We are already hard at work on the next update and will keep you posted.