Effective Assessment with TeamUp Lite

During an assessment, it is an art to get to get to the bottom of an applicant in a short amount of time. A wrong choice can cost the company a lot of money, after all. An additional difficulty lurks here as well: you do not always know whether the applicant gives you socially desirable answers.

To get truthful and unfiltered answers to your questions, the best thing you can do is to not ask the question in the first place. Instead, you take the candidate from their applicant’s chair and make sure that the candidate shows it to you. Role playing games do this a bit already and put the applicant in a type of simulation of a plausible scenario. The answers that you get this way are easier to evaluate, but not everyone can get into their role. There is another, more effective way.

Serious games offer the unique advantage that the player quickly forgets that they are doing an assessment in the first place. They are immediately immersed in the game. Therefore, the candidate will behave in the same way as they would do in a real situation. Unfiltered and truthful. That is why we often employ TeamUp Lite in assessments to examine how someone functions in a group. The results confirm your gut feeling and sometimes, candidates will surprise you. This way, the chances that you choose the right candidate are a lot greater.