Educational Applications of Serious Games

These days, almost all students have their own smartphone and the desire in educational organisations to reap the benefits is growing. That is not so strange when you read the possibilities.

With digital educational tools you can, for instance, effectively supervise homework. Every student works at their own speed and has subjects that they are good and less good at. With digital applications, you can give students extra guidance where they need it, while not needlessly overexplaining other subjects.

You can also, by viewing the progress of the students, adjust your lessons to fit the needs of the class. The data you get your insights from does not just consist of how many questions someone had right and wrong either. It also gives you direct insight into just how the student learns. That way, you immediately see whether the students understand a subject or whether it is necessary to explain it again, in a different manner.

In a digital environment, students can also safely gain experience in technical and practical subjects. For instance, they can learn how to handle difficult machines or what the safety rules are. They can even do experiments that would normally be too expensive for a classroom. And if a student wants to do it again, they can!

These are just a few ways in which education can benefit from the advance of the smartphone. There are plenty of other possibilities. If you want to know more, do let us know!