Evaluating Applicants with a Serious Game

Applications are crucial in the development of your company. After all, a good candidate can make a great contribution to your future. A poor match, however, can cost a lot of time, frustration, and money.

Based on a few talks and a short test or two, you must assess the applicant. You pay attention to their knowledge, behaviour, and CV. In short: will this applicant strengthen the company?

Soft skills are of great importance in this consideration. But precisely skills like communication, teamwork, and critical thinking are particularly difficult to assess. They usually only come into play after working together for a while. An evaluation tool must therefore make these skills observable very quickly.

Serious games offer a solution. For example, our game TeamUp is also used in application assessment, aside from training teamwork in existing teams. The game immediately immerses the applicants. They focus on challenging puzzles and work together like they would in real life. This way, their personality becomes observable instantly, allowing our customers to make a much better consideration. You will choose the better applicant for your company much more often.