A Far Reach with Eventrum

When you organise a large event, you naturally want people to visit. That sounds rather self-evident, but regardless of how valuable or fun your event is, there are always barriers. Some of those barriers have an important function and might even be in place deliberately, like ticket prices. But others make your audience smaller than you might like.

A barrier that often has this undesired effect is the physical location of your event. The event is simply too far away. Especially for international conferences, but also for (national) fairs and marketing events like an open house, this can be an issue. Potential visitors might want to visit, but the investment is simply too big. Even with free entry, there are still travel and accommodation costs. These can add up considerably.

Not just the sums of money, but also the time investment is a barrier. People could also spend their valuable time on something else. The more time it costs to visit your event, the harder this consideration becomes.

Because of this, the extra costs and time that it takes to participate in a faraway event are simply put annoying for both the visitor and you. And only a relatively small part of your potential visitors can make the investment. That is a shame, because the reach of your event is much broader.

By having your event (partially) online, you can take this barrier away and service many more visitors. Online events are also incredible scalable, which is why the increased interest in your event will be no problem at all.

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